13 Of The Best Android TV Launchers of 2017 all in one place

Look no more here are the best Launchers for you Android Box

What is a Tv Launcher ?….It’s not a catapult with a TV strapped to it lets get that one cleared up first of all.  If you’re new to android boxes think of it like your desktop on your computer.  It’s where you start from, all your apps in one place.  If you are a seasoned android user you will know how annoying searching for apps is.  Good TV launchers make life easier.

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We have included a number of TV launchers on the list that are device specific like the first which is googles lean back launcher.  This will only work on Google TV devices like the Nexus player and the Nvida Shield which is still the android box champion in most peoples eyes.

Leanback TV Launcher


This is the official launcher of Google Android for TV, it is very simple and easy to use, perfect of beginners who don’t want a lot of apps shuttering the home screen. It features voice search and integration with Google and multimedia which include Spotify, Twitch, SoundCloud, YouTube among others.

The only disadvantage of this launcher is it will not display non official Android TV apps but if you want to give it a try be my guest

HAL TV Launcher


This is one of my favorite TV launchers, it has got the feel of Googles Leanback but without the restrictions.  Navigation is very simple, It would suit a standard remote as it works really well on screen. Any app can be added to the home screen unlike leanback its has a clean and fast interface.  The only down side is the set up of around about half an hour but once your done its well worth it.

Ugoos TV Launcher



This is our first TV Launchers developed by a TV Box manufacture namely Ugoos, They have been around from the start and you can see this in this launcher.  It works well with air remotes and standard IR remotes.  It uses a different system with a wheeled selector which you toggle through which takes a little getting used to at the beginning.  If you have a lot of apps on your box this is a good choice.  It has categories which auto populate when added, this makes a great choice for users with a lots games install for example.

Amlogic TV Launcher


If you have bought a new Amlogic Android TV Box in the last few years chances are you have this greeting you when you power up your device. It is a good looking TV launcher if a little restrictive. You can add your personal apps along the bottom bar to your liking.  If you like this Launcher it comes installed on some of our Android Boxes.

Apex TV Launcher





This is a launcher designed more for phones and tablets, but if you like widgets on your home screen like BBC news this is a good choice. Icon size can be changed which is a good feature if you really like to tinker with your android box

TV Launcher 3 (old version)

TVLauncher 3 old version

This Launcher as you can see with the XBMC tile is a few years old, but if you want something simple and easy to see from a distance this is the one for you.  You can change the images on the tiles with your own image which takes little time but it is a feature most other TV Launchers dont have.

HPH TV Launcher

HPH Launcher droiddude


Having used a lot of of HPH Nagrace Boxes in the past I am very happy to say that this is one of the best I have used, its simple and looks good.  So good in fact that most new TV Launchers are based of this layout and idea.



M8 TV Launcher

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Another older launcher as we can see with the XBMC tiles but good looking none the less.  The downside of this launcher is titles can not be changed.


Mele TV Launcher

Mele TV Launcher


The Mele launcher is a hard one to find, but its well worth the effort.  Clean lines, big font and bright colors would make this a good one for a kid centered TV Box.



Sunvell Win8 Launcher

Sunvell Win8 Launcher

You will still see this one on a lot of current boxes mainly because if just works.  It was a windows 8 tile feel hence the name.  This one mainly works on most Amlogic boxes.

Top TV Launcher

top tv launcher

This is one of the few that are on the play store, Its got everything you need although the icons don’t fill the entire home screen which I prefer personally on TV Launchers.


TV Launcher 3 (New)

TV Launcher 3 (New)

This is the updated version of TV Launcher 3, it has a few improvements like tabs and the ability to customise a lot of elements.  The large titles would make this a great choice for TV’s under 28 inch.  This Launcher has a got a very good Google plus group which enable users to request different feature.

Unica TV Launcher

Unica Launcher

Unica Has a nice feel to it and the 4 columns do have a good proportion compared to the 3 of most of our other TV launchers.  As you can see this is a paid version the download contains the trail

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